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Camera for Electroinc Security Surveillance.



Marshal Security Services employs high degree of professionalism in providing diverse services related to the security of various organizations and their VIP's. Marshal is poised to be one of the best private security consultants in the country. Latest security related technology are used by us in supporting our operational activities. To ensure total security solution for our clients we have four major divisions in our operations, namely...

  • Perimeter Security Division

  • Housekeeping Division

  • Electronic Security Division

  • Fire Services Division

 Perimeter Security Division

Security Guards: Marshal Security Services provides professional security personnel for multinational corporations, large business houses, and public sectors nationwide. Security supervisors and guards are professional, competent, dedicated officers meticulously selected and extensively trained...more

Body Guards: An exclusive group of armed/ unarmed elite force who are capable to handling unwarranted situations. These commandos are supported by a team of intelligence officers who will constantly monitor the movements of men and material.

Mobile Patrolling: Mounted on a vehicle a team of professional uniformed guards will cater to security, fire, medical and any other emergencies for large industrial/ residential area, trade shows etc. The mobile patrol is constantly connected by a 24 hrs control room by radio trunking wireless.

 Housekeeping Division

Housekeeping: A team of highly trained, experienced and uniformed housekeeping staff maintain the cleanliness and hinge of various commercial establishment and offices. We also have a mechanized division to suit our clients requirement...more

Gardening: Our gardening staff will ensure bring up and maintaining of beautiful garden to corporate standards on a turnkey basis. We have a wide experience in various types of gardens and assure full client satisfaction. This services is provided with round the clock customer support.

 Electronic Security Division

24 hrs Control Room: A highly sophisticated networked computers caters to the emergency phone calls, customer support and automatic intruder alarm localization. A predefined set of protocol is followed in case of any eventuality there by reducing reaction time to the minimum.

Security Monitoring Device: We deal with start-of-art security monitoring device which is connected to out central monitoring server. Any breach in security is automatically informed to our control room and necessary action is undertaken to check such breach...more

 Fire Services Division

Sales & Maintenance: Fire extinguishers in all shapes and sizes and classes. We give you the right information of the type of extinguishers to use for a certain type of fire and draw our a fire-drill and train all our clients in using such extinguishers. We provide fire alarms cascaded with intruder alarms as a cost effective solution .more

Detectors & Alarms: Start-of-art fire/smoke/gas detecting devices which is connected to out central monitoring server. Any case of fire/smoke is automatically informed to our control room and necessary action is undertaken to check such fires...more

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