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Annunicators Annunciators (Control Pannel) These are compact, cost-effective, backlit LCD. This series also provides system status LEDs to display Power, Alarm, Trouble and Supervisory. Remote control of critical system functions, such as Reset, Signal Silence, Acknowledge, and Drill, can be accomplished with this model.

LED Fire Annunciators

The 5865 series annunciators provide you with 30 programmable LED (15 red, 15 yellow) for maximum flexibility. The 5865-3 and 5865-4 fit into a standard 3- or 4-gang electrical box; covered by semi-transparent labels and an eye-pleasing cover plate. The 5865-3 provides alarm and trouble annunciation for 15 zones while the 5865-4 adds reset and silence input switches for even more versatility.

Pannel Fume/Fire/Water Detector This unit works to protect you in three ways. First, it detects explosive vapors. Second, it detects fire through a 180(0) thermal switch. Third, is protects you from high water in the bilge through a flood sensor. Includes all sensors needed for basic monitoring, additional fume sensor (SA-186-S) may be added to monitor propane locker, or gen-set area.


Gas Leak Detector

Fuel cell sensor. Loud alarm and digital display. Long battery and sensor life. Picture frame leg. Secure wall mounting bracket. Battery operated/ adaptor optional.


Smoke Detector

Smoke & Fire Alarms are all purpose alarms for use in all rooms. Each smoke alarm comes with a 9 volt battery, a low battery indicator and a 5 year limited warranty. These Smoke & Fire Detectors are easy to install and have an Ionization Sensor. UL listed Model 915

Strobe Strobe

System Sensor SpectrAlert Celing Mount Strobes. Ceiling specific design, Low current draw, Available in 15, 15/75, 30 75, 95, 115 & 177cd, Synchronize with MDL module

Pull Fire Alarm Pull Station The Manual Pull Station is a metal pull station that provides a single-action, normally-open contact alarm initiating point for use with UL listed Fire Alarm Control Panels.
abcaba Fire Extinguisher ABC, BC class

Compact design, ABC class is ideal for apartments, vehicles and trailers. CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) is a liquefied gas, which is highly effective fighting B and C class fires. These units are ideal for areas where contamination and/or clean-up are a concern, such as data processing centers, labs, telecommunications rooms, food storage and processing areas.

cord Cord Reel Cord Reels are the ultimate in managing portable power cords. The Cord Reel allows for fast, easy deployment and retraction of extension cords without the hassle of twisting or knotting. Akron Cord Reels are available in Live and Non-Live configurations.
cabinate Extinguisher Cabinets Metal Extinguisher Cabinets, manufactured 18-gauge, galvanized steel constructed for rust resistance and a neutral bright-white finish for easy placement. Keyed-alike cylinder lock, breakable acrylic front and labels are standard. Break hammer sold separately.
axe Fire Axe Flathead Axe with a 28" fiberglass handle - Overstrike protection and celtex grips. Perfect for use in a truckman's belt.


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