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Camera for Electroinc Security Surveillance.



Managing a large work force of security personnel is not an easy task to handle. Marshal has incepted the use of technology in late 1994, and there has been constant improvements ever since. We first started on a Linux based operating system to handle our operational requirements and today we are one of the only security organization who has brought about a sea change in marketing various security related hardware and software's to boost the techno-security concept.

We at marshal believe in constant change in the way you look at a security scenario. Because a certain security requirement can never be the same at any given point of time. Due to constant changes in the way people do business today and the number of people we interact with, there is a high degree of changing security requirement.

Digital Surveillance System: Due, to this demanding change in our society we at Marshal are always a step ahead to counter a possible threat from an out side element. Use of surveillance cameras to record a certain event can be of great use to detect and avoid any threatening situations to our business.

Electronic Access Controls Systems: Restricted access to certain points of a business work area can greatly enhance the internal security. By the use of access controls we can monitor and check the access of each and every employee or visitors. Clubbed together is the time-attendance software which makes is very easy to monitor your employees presence.

Electronic Detectors & Alarms: Fire, smoke, gas leaks, break-ins etc., have the most devastating effect on any business work place. Important documents, data, moral of employees are lost due to such eventuality. We at Marshal believe that we should grow as our clients grow in their business, hence we came up with the solution of installing and maintain Fire extinguisher & electronic alarms of various kind to counter such mishaps.

Latest Housekeeping Gadgets: Internal security is the weakest area which any competitor or person can take advantage of. Office pilferage, is one of the most common situations which cost a business organization by way of lost contracts, loss of good employees or loss by way of valuable data. Henceforth, we at Marshal provide you with our own housekeeping personnel to totally avoid such situations. We use latest gadgets and cleaning agents for the maintenance of your premises.

Guard Monitoring Devices: A guard monitoring device is an electronic device to check that a guard is in constant patrol and reaches a stipulated point in a certain interval of time. Used extensively in various countries around the world we provide such installation and servicing of major brands.

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