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Camera for Electroinc Security Surveillance.



Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I really require a security agency to give me the services?

Yes, It is very important that when ever you decide to have a security have it only form some reputed company and never appoint any one directly. A reputed security company like Marshal ensures that the guards deployed at its clients premises are trained and well disciplined. There is a well documented identification of each and every persons, to ovoid any untoward incidents.

Does the services form an agency cost more?

Yes, it is. Considering the fact that you can relay on an agency better that some 'x' individual for your security which makes more sense than to repent later for having employed that individual.

How can I do the selection of an agency to employ?

First get the quotes from all the security agencies, clearly telling them what is your requirement. Then check out the client list and the credentials of the agencies managing director their clients and finally the price.

Who will take care of the ESI/PF and other statutory?

Generally any reputed agency them self will take care of all the statutory requirements. Do insist that they do and you can ask them to produce some kind of proof on a regular basis. Remember, you are the principal employer while you contract an agency.

In case of theft or burglary, what should I do?

There are a lot of people who claim to 100% compensate the value of the lost item. Do not employ them, since it is just not possible to full compensate if the value of the lost item is exorbitantly high. A decent compensation as mentioned in a contract would be sensible enough. And finally lodge a complaint with the police.


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